Tip of the Month

June 2016- Summer Time Fun

School’s out! It’s time to head to the beach for some summer fun. Pack True North as your beach snack!


May 2016- Breakfast Suggestion

Breakfast can get boring. Switch it up by adding your favorite fruit and True North snack to your bowl of oatmeal!

April 2016- Spring Has Sprung

With the arrival of Spring, it is time to get back outdoors! Bring True North along for your walk, bike ride or picnic!

March 2016- Winter Finish Line

Spring and outside fun is almost here; finish one last book while the cold keeps you indoors. TrueNorth makes the perfect reading snack!


February 2016- Valentine’s Day

Forget the box of chocolates! Make your sweetheart happy this Valentine’s Day by giving the gift of TrueNorth.


January 2016- Breakfast Topping

Complete your breakfast by adding crushed up TrueNorth to your favorite yogurt. It’s just the topping you’ve been looking for!


December 2015- Happy Holidays

The holidays are upon us! TrueNorth makes the perfect stocking stuffer for all ages!


November 2015- Happy Thanksgiving

Traveling to family this Thanksgiving? TrueNorth is the perfect snack for car, plane or even train rides!

October 2015- Happy Halloween

Trick or treating can make not only your child but you, work up an appetite. Instead of candy, munch on TrueNorth!

September 2015- After School Snack

Looking for an after school snack? TrueNorth makes the perfect snack to fill your child up, without ruining dinner time.

August 2015- Summer Relaxation

Whether you’re relaxing next to the pool or in a hammock, TrueNorth makes the perfect summer treat. Be sure to enjoy summer to the fullest with Cashew Crunch or Almond Pecan Crunch by your side!


July 2015- Beach Day Fun

Spending the day at the beach? Catch the rays with TrueNorth by your side!



June 2015-Amuse Yourself

With school out, amusement parks are the place to be. Celebrate the end of school by bringing your favorite TrueNorth snack along for the ride!


May 2015- Spring Has Sprung

Spring is finally here! With the arrival of beautiful weather, enjoy some TrueNorth while on a bike ride or walk.

African American family cycling on a forest trail.

April 2015- Rainy Day Blues

Don’t let April’s rain showers get you down…have a gathering of family and friends. Be sure to serve your favorite TrueNorth as a snack!


March 2015- Dessert Suggestion

Don’t sit down to that bowl of ice cream! Pick up TrueNorth instead…a better  and tastier choice for dessert.


February 2015- Valentine’s Day Sweetness

If you are making brownies for your valentine, add a little something more to them. Top your brownies with crushed up TrueNorth Chocolate Nut Crunch!


January 2015- Winter Fun

This winter, go ice skating! Remember to pack your favorite TrueNorth snack when hunger hits.

Ice skating winter couple

December 2014- Holiday Dessert

Need a topping for a cake during the holidays? Use TrueNorth Chocolate Nut Crunch. Just crush and sprinkle on top.


November 2014- Rainy Day Fun

Rainy days are the perfect time to see that newest blockbuster. Bring TrueNorth along for an easy, no mess snack!

Spectators in multiplex movie theater

October 2014- Snack In Seconds

Are you taking a hike before it gets too cold? Pack TrueNorth in your backpack for a quick and easy snack.


September 2014- Satisfy Your Hunger

Stuck in class all day? Make sure you have TrueNorth on hand to satisfy your hunger!

University Students

August 2014- Summer Snack

Going on a road trip this summer? TrueNorth makes the perfect snack for when you are on the go.