Snack Ideas for Busy Moms

Moms are busy people. With only 24 hours in a day, sometimes it’s hard to believe they are able to finish everything they need to do. However, day after day, millions of moms all over the world manage to get the job done.

Part of the daily routine is ensuring that her children have the proper amount and type of foods to eat. Sure, there are days when the sticky, sweet bite of a caramel apple might serve as a snack. Though, for the most part, busy moms know the importance of a variety of nutritious snacks that help keep little bodies active.

When your world is constantly in motion, the small conveniences of the day make all the difference. Let’s take a look at some simple and easy to put together snack ideas for busy moms.

Granola bars are a perfect after-school snack that will give your child the boost they need without the added sugar. Granola bars are full of fiber that a growing child requires. These treats taste great and come in a variety of flavors.

GORP, also known as good old-fashioned raisins and peanuts, is an easy, kid-friendly snack. Simply combine your favorite nuts and raisins in a bowl, and you have yourself a healthy snack. For a little sweetness, add a handful of chocolate chips to the mixture and make a treat that no child or adult can resist.

Air popped popcorn: This is another good snack choice. Popcorn is an excellent alternative to salty chips. It is also much more filling. Popcorn can be made with a popcorn maker or microwavable bags can be purchased. Try mixing yogurt covered almonds with your popcorn for an amazingly sweet add on.

Nuts: There are several varieties of nut mixes on the market today. Popular choices include loose nuts mixes and nut clusters. True North Cashew Crunch combines crunchy rice crisps and roasted cashews with a hint of sea salt and sugar. Try these morsels for the perfect on the go snack.

Yogurt: This is another easy snack for children. Yogurt comes in many flavors, and the active cultures are beneficial in keeping a child healthy. Individual containers of yogurt can be eaten with a spoon or yogurt can be enjoyed on the go with portable yogurt tubes that don’t require any silverware.

These ideas and many others can be made in just minutes. This allows you to have snacks ready and waiting when your child comes in from school or is headed off to their evening activities. Either way, being prepared will give you peace of mind.