Fun Holiday Food Gifts the Entire Office Can Enjoy

The office is a home away from home for many. When the holiday season arrives, it’s always important to remember the people you spend your days, and sometimes evenings with. Nothing says holiday cheer like a mixture of edible gifts that everyone can enjoy.

For the chocolate lovers in your office, package up homemade or store bought fudge. Fudge is decadent and rich. You’ll need just a small plateful for each member of your staff to enjoy. Top it off with a pretty bow and you’ve got an inviting gift that your co-workers will love.

Have a few friends who love nuts? If you’ve noticed a co-worker or two munching on protein-packed nuts in the afternoon, create an inviting package containing a variety of nuts is sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. A simple prepackaged gift for nut lovers is True North’s True North® Chocolate Nut Crunch. This snack is terrific for the nut and chocolate lover in your office.

If your co-workers like trying new or exotic foods Honeycomb candies are the perfect holiday treat to share. They aren’t actually made from actual honeycombs but this treat has an inviting flavor that beckons your taste buds back for more.

You can never go wrong with sweet and salty treats. Create a delicious bundle of milk, white and dark chocolate covered pretzels. Cover with crushed peppermint sticks, chopped nuts or festive holiday sprinkles to spice them up a bit with the flavors of the holiday.

Biscotti are a wonderful gift for the coffee lovers in your office. These are wonderful for dipping in warm cups of Joe. Biscotti are crisp, flavorful and a great way to start off every morning during the holiday season.

Before the season is upon us, take note as to what your co-workers go to for a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Give them exactly what they love, or tweak the traditional by adding a little sweetness or spice. Your co-workers are sure to adore the treat as well as the gesture.